Project realisation and software development


Java backend specialist with strong JEE orientation under Oracle WL, IBM WAS and portal extentions and JBoss/Wildfly

C/C++ and Java mother tongue

object orientation modelling starting with C++ and Windows 3.11

Java/Java-extensions from version 1.0.8

programatic testing with several open source frameworks

years of day-to-day hands-on experience with RSA, RAD7, WSAD, Eclipse and IntelliJ

programming in the OpenSource context since 1990 (GNU/Jakarta et al.)

Oracle datamodelling and DBA from version 5.*

Oracle PL/SQL server programming in several projects

SQL with Oracle, DB/2, MS-SQL, MySQL, Postgres, Sybase and Ingres

data modelling with entity relationship diagrams and UML

networking since Novell and strong with TCP/IP in large intranets and Cloud platforms

more than three decades Unix know-how in at least ten products

administrative competence and experience in planning and deployment

Windows software development with several IDE's up to Visual Studio 2020

GUI programming in three environments

Unix system programming (from scripting up to C in kernel space)

Linux follower with proofed guru status

CI/CD experience with cloudbased server farming with Azure and Azure DevOps

continuous integration with Jenkins, Git, Gitlab and automatic deployment with integrated testing

several years of MVS/TSO experience

Visual basic up to Visual Studio 2013, Visual Basic for Applications, C# and .Net

Hands-on identity and access management with Aveksa ACM 5.8ff.


 Over 30 years experience in programming and technical project leadship

strong in leadership, presentation and project realisation

agile development in several customer projects


staff responsibility


complete command of MS Office